Claiming yourself in love is something that we are not always taught how to do. To consciously love and care for yourself is to deliberately choose to be your own source of great medicine and deep embodied nourishment. Whatever may be your current truth on the emotional circle of life, know there is always an open opportunity for endless love, wholeness and self actualization.



Adorn your life with the healing gifts of the flora fauna.

Essence of the Mother is a high vibrational flower essence line that is crafted with deep respect for the realm of the flora fauna.

Each flower holds its own unique imprint of medicine and messages that can assist within your own path of healing, revealing, transformation, self love and emotional freedom.


New Moon Membership

There are remedies & guidance within life’s every cycle.


Sacred Space

Sacred Space is the timeless realm where it is safe to slow down and deeply enter into the core of your very own spiritual nature.


meet rachel

"To be embodied is to live centered from within ones self, it is creating a loving relationship of sacred respect and self care that allows all parts of you to be held in the light of your truest source of love.” – Essence of the Mother

As a life coach, profound healer, intuitive counselor and workshop facilitator, Rachel is here to assist you along the path of living fully connected and as your greatest version of your Radiant Self.