flower essence therapy

Adorn your life with the healing gifts of the flora fauna.

Essence of the Mother is a high vibrational flower essence line crafted with deep respect for the realm of the flora fauna


Flower Essences are botanical medicine known as homeopathy; they are created from the mature blossoms of vibrant flowers, stored in spring water and combined into an infusion process of sun or moon light which allows the vibrational remedy of a flower's essence to be transferred and come alive in medicinal form. Each flower holds its own unique imprint of medicine and messages that can assist within your own path of healing, revealing, transformation, self love and emotional freedom.

Flower Essences work to bring about overall balance and healing to the whole self, which includes the physical body, the emotions, mental outlook, attitudes and spiritual understanding. When working with flower essences you are connecting to the life force or spirit of that individual flora and opening yourself to an ancient modality of  Nature as a powerful catalyst to your own therapeutic pathways.

Rachel Maroudas the creator of Essence of the Mother is a medium between plants and human, she has studied the Secrets of the flora since her adolescents. What was once a means of running to nature to find comfort, stillness and truth soon became a life long discovery of the secret healing world within a single flower. Essence of the Mothers flower essences are crafted from the un touched flora that grow vast and wild within the deep forests, deserts, tropics and high mountain plains. 

It is our truest pleasure to work within intimate terms with the gifts of Nature, getting to bring the healing wisdom and language of the flora into our very own floral alchemy of high vibrational medicine line.

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Wild Bleeding Heart - Foxglove & Father Fern - Self Heal - Forget-Me-Nots

Affirmation: “I breathe in the universal love as my heart rejuvenates, heals and expands."

Keywords: Powerful heart tonic; Loving the self fully and others freely; Open heart; Emotional freedom; Adds to heartbreak or old stored emotions; Brings peace harmony and balance to one's heart; Perceive love on many levels; Healing heart; Adds to attachments, boundless love and self acceptance; Co-dependence; Compassion; Relations.



Sweet Pea - Trillium - Rose Quartz

Affirmation: “My energy is centered, grounded and focused… I live fully in the present.”

Keywords: Grounding; Feeling safe and supported on earth; Trusting in your foundation in the moment; Comfort in the body; Helps with scatteredness; Centered; Social roots; Abandonment; Finding your tribe; Belonging; Sweetness for life; Direction; Building roots.


artistic soul

Indian Paintbrush - Aloe - Rose Quartz

Affirmation: “I am one with the creative power of the universe.”

Keywords: To express freely one's deep artistic creativity; Lively; Manifestations; Exuberant bright vitality; Brings creative energies into the physical; Grounding your creative ideas; Serves as a catalyst to get projects underway; Create with the heart's passion and the solar plexus fire.


powerful purpose

Passionflower - Acquire the fire - Buttercup

Affirmation: “I live in alignment with my power, purpose and divine passions. I trust in the power of my passionate joy!”

Keywords: Life’s work; Divine passion; Confidence; Strength; Dream and vision manifest into reality; Discovering what makes your soul thrive; Divine blueprint; Self-worth; Unlock the thirst for your bold passions and merge within the vibrations of your life’s purpose; Unfolding into what ignites you and brings you ALIVE! Opens one's abilities to dream a bigger dream; Divine Creator; You can have it all!



Borage - Wild Rose - Lupine - Buttercup

Affirmation: “Every cell in my body resonates with the highest good of all, I am here to thrive!”

Keywords: Rise and shine; Renewed joy; Lively and enthusiastic heart forces; Buoyant courage; Rising above illusions; Lightness; Rejuvenation for life; Upliftment; Confidence; Supports change and transformation; Shining brightly; Self-love.



Lupine - Jasmine - Sage

Affirmation: “My mind is clear, cleansed, and calm. I live from the peace within myself.”

Keywords: Mental clarity; Tranquility; Quiet mind; Stillness; Soothes the emotional body connected to worry and anxiety; Peaceful soul; Harmonizes an over-active mind; Deepens meditation practice; Freedom and surrender.