Gratitudes and Testimonials

Rachel Maroudas is the Teacher of Love, a rare being on our Earth that has come to bring a very special energy of Creator's Love. She radiates the purest healing light, a true authentic Earthen Angel. She is one of the most gifted, talented and hardworking students of life, at her young age, Rachel has the wisdom of the Ancients. She has the purest heart, a channel of the Goddess, love flows to heal and uplift anyone she works with. It has been my utmost honor and amazement to participate in observing the enlightenment of Rachel Maroudas. I recommend anyone to sit with this great intuitive healer, counselor, guide and medicine woman.

— Brenna Iset, College of the Mystic, Founder, Intuitive Counselor


Rachel Maroudas, as you were speaking, invoking, doing your thing at the full moon tea ceremony on Thursday night, I thought: "So THIS is what a priestess is." You were truly a channel, a bridge to the divine. I saw you in a giant marble temple like the Acropolis, deserving of that space; but then again your cathedral would be Nature. I wish for a temple worthy of you. Anybody who wants to know who Rachel really is, I recommend you show up for one of her ceremonies. I've been to many church services in this lifetime, but I've never experienced one as powerful, sacred and healing as the one that you laid down for that circle of women.

— Hermine Hayes-Klein, Directer at Bynkershoek Institute Research Center for Reproductive Rights, Founder and Program Directer at Human Rights in Childbirth


Rachel, you are clearly a gifted Spirit Body healer. The space that you held for me felt so safe, so attuned and focused. You were able to dial into some pretty potent energy and events that are going on in my life. How did you do that?! The accuracy and insight was just mind-blowing. I could have sat with you all evening. It was a place that existed both here on earth and in another realm of this planet. There really are no words that can describe what you offer, the skills that you have. They are rare. You have such deep respect and clairvoyance for the guides and teachers in our universe-plant and ancestral. My vision is so much clearer. I felt so brave and prepared this week because of our session together. You have given form and voice to the medicine that I need... all while revealing that it's within me! More sisters need to know your name. You are a rare vehicle of Spirit and a deeply nourishing presence to be around. Deepest gratitude I'm so looking forward to meeting with you again and continuing to incorporate you into my therapy and healing.

— Chelsea Schmidt, Sacred Birthing Community Doula


My sessions with Rachel have been the most profound catalysts to my spiritual evolution. The space she holds is safe, supportive, and heart opening. Rachel truly sees the divine spark in me, and through her work enables me to see it myself (to love myself).

Since I have begun sessions with Rachel my life has taken incredible leaps forward. She has facilitated my healing on so many levels and has been there to celebrate with me. The Universe has responded by bringing in new and amazing opportunities for me.

Rachel's gift to channel messages from the cosmos, guides, and my higher self continually stuns me; every message is accurate and exactly the thing I most need to hear. Energy work while I'm on the table moves to many blocks, while at the same time calling in new openings. The visions I receive while the work is being done are empowering and deep. At the end of each session Rachel sends me home with a custom made flower essence. It's like a little bottle of love and self care until our next meeting!

I feel like Rachel has truly found her calling in life and because of this she is able to help me find mine."

— Nicole VanGorden, Massage Therapist


Captivated by the depth and radiance of this beautiful woman. Filled with gratitude for her and her practice. She has impacted my journey of self discovery, helped shape life decisions and enriched my essence.

— Kate Rutter


Rachel is amazing! Her readings have helped me to know myself better, focus on blocks in my path and how to dissolve them, and heal in both emotional and spiritual ways. The dedication she has to her work shows in her practice and the space we share together at readings. When meeting with her I feel comfortable talking about deep issues, yet also light and playful in the ways that we approach them. I highly recommend Rachel's readings to anyone seeking to heal and learn more about themselves."

— Nick Ecks


I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude for the work you do Rachel Maroudas! You are so very valuable. I am honored to work beside you and grow into the powerful beings we are, and are becoming! YOU INSPIRE! Thank you so much for last night's ceremony. I have never been able to tap into the spirit of a plant so strongly and really just listen to what it had to speak on, tell me and teach me. And wow! What a powerful plant to do that with, SUNFLOWER! You so many ways. I just can't praise you enough my loveliest sister. Here’s to many more mystical ceremonies, ridiculous synchronicities, and standing in our strength.

— Alley Bloom