New Moon Membership


There is remedy and guidance within life’s every cycle.

New Moon is the time of new beginnings, shedding the old, setting intentions and goals, healing, rebirth, manifestation and creation. It is the time of the future self, becoming and nurturing new growth.

Essence of the Mother merges the astrological ties of New Moon wisdom with the alchemy of the flora. We create one-of-a-kind flower essence blends that best weaves into the current medicine and wisdom of New Moon astrology. With the guidance of flower essence therapy and the cycles of the moon these beloved monthly essences helps to best support your own connection and consciousness to the wisdom and cycles within one’s self.

Receive your monthly New Moon Flower Essences. These essences are sent out a week before the new moon, with a beloved description of your blend and a guided meditation – intention to best support your personal practice and self care rituals.